Chris Tees (12.2.1953-22.2.2007)

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At the age of 14 Harald Christes (aka Chris Tees) bought his first Camera, - a "Contaflex Super B" with a Zeiss 50mm tessar and two protessars. Eversince the magic of photography has always fascinated him.

The authenticity of his pictures plays an important role to the self-taught photographer. None of the images was "arranged" or somehow influenced. Since 1970 he has captured on his journeys through e.g. Mexico, Kenia, Burma and India many moments, which invite the observer to remain a little longer in the atmosphere of the image.

Almost all photos were made by a 6x7 Pentax Spiegelreflex Camera, a 55mm objective and Kodak Tri X Rollfilm. The development of the photos including toning respectively coloring was always done by Chris Tees himself.

Not only in his photographic passion but also in the painting of Chris Tees the captured moment and intuition find expression. In his abstract creations a special note is added by reliefs, which give his paintings additional depth.

Rich colours are an important element in his realistic paintings. Through usage of scraper a plastic effect is created.

For a few years Harald Christes used the pseudonym "Chris Tees", because he wanted to separate his passion for art from his regular work as a doctor.

Unfortunately our friend left us suddenly and far too early.

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